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Cement Tiles
by Sabine Hill

Cement Tiles by Sabine Hill

Unique Cement Tiles by Sabine Hill

Sabine Hill cement tiles are also known as encaustic tiles or concrete tiles, and are a handmade decorative tile crafted from a mixture of cement, marble powder, and mineral pigments.

These unique tile designs are created by layering different colored materials into a mold, and the tile is then pressed and cured to form a durable and visually appealing product.

Cement tiles by Sabine Hill are very popular as they can feature intricate patterns, vibrant colors, and your own custom designs.

A Few of Our Cement Tile Patterns

1 cement tiel.png
2 cement tile.png
3 cement tile.png
4 cement tile.png

Why We Love Sabine Hill Cement Tiles

Aesthetic Appeal

Cement tiles are known for their unique and intricate patterns, providing a wide range of color and design possibilities. Sabine Hill can even create your own custom cement tile patterns to suit your needs – cement floor tiles, cement wall tiles, outdoor cement tiles, cement tiles for kitchen, and cement tiles for bathroom.


Cement tiles are incredibly soft and silky to the touch, without being a slip hazard. They aren't slick like other glazed tiles and often come in a matte finish which won't become slippery when wet, making them a perfect tile choice for bathroom or kitchen floors.

When properly sealed and maintained, cement tiles can be very durable and resistant to wear, tear, and fading from direct sunlight or outdoors.


They can be used in various settings, including floors, walls, and even outdoors. Patterns can be customized to suit any design theme.

Environmentally Friendly

Cement tiles often use natural materials and pigments, making them a more environmentally sustainable choice.

Sabine Hill Cement Tile Selections

There is no need to ever consider “cement look floor tiles.”  Our cement tile selections are affordable, beautiful, and durable in any design setting you may have.


Patterned Cement Tiles

each image/box clickable to this url:

1 patterned.png
2 patterned.png
3 patterned.png

Solids and Shapes Cement Tiles

1 Solid.png
2 cement tile.png
3 cement tile.png

Cement Tile Collections

Design Your Own Cement Tiles

each image/box clickable to this url:

1 design.png
2 design.png
3 desing.png
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