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5 Reasons to Choose our Nicco Pavers

Our Nicco Collection features pavers, cobblestones, flagstones, and decorative elements with 18th Century styling. Reconstituted stone pavements, of rustic and old appearance, manufactured using artisan methods. Thanks to our alliance with a French firm that has been creating this fantastic product for more than 30 years. Below are 5 reasons to choose our Nicco pavers for our next project:

1. Used Worldwide

2. Can Achieve Modern or Historical/Rustic Feel

3. Durable - Resistant to Wear/Rust and is Anti-Slip

4. Color Selection to Guarantee a Perfect Fit for Your Space

5. Appearance Improves with Time - Unlike Stone

See our selection of Pavé Rustico and Cobblestone pavers by clicking here or click the button below to learn more and see additional photos. Questions? Click here to contact us.

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